THE WORLD SEEMS like it’s sliding all over the place. Things we assumed were solid and unchanging are being constantly questioned.

Even my kids have noticed.

The honest truth, though, is that your business foundation is as solid as you want it to be.

Even though competitors come and go and market needs shift, foundational values can remain solid. If you’re building a company which is based on solving real-world needs and treating people fairly, these are principles which don’t need to change much. The same with being creative or generous.

These values transcend the products and services you’re providing. And, believe me, your employees will find great motivation when they know that you won’t sacrifice these principles for short term gain.

There are times when values and principles do become obsolete. I met a business owner last year who was very clear that he’d rather shut down his company than adapt to the changing needs of younger workers. Then again, he was close to retirement and this was a reasonable exit scenario for him.

But in the bigger picture, this wasn’t a bad thing. He was moving his company aside so that fresher competitors could take over the market, and he was just fine with that. He even helped his workers to have a graceful and honorable exit. Because that was also part of his values.

When I work with clients, we always start with getting clear on values and goals. This is the foundation which provides direction and purpose, both for our coaching and for the business itself.

It makes decisions a whole lot easier.