THIS IS AN AMAZING, wonderful day for Christians.  But if you don’t have a particularly Christian business, why is this important?

Because we’re real people.  And our employees.  And customers.

The human things matter.  It’s not like business is a machine we can set in the corner and ignore.

When something impacts your heart and mind – positively or negatively – it impacts how the business will run.  That’s why it’s so important to focus on relationships; something I spend a lot of time on with my clients.

Your employees are loyal to you because they believe in YOU.  Even when you have a compelling mission, it’s how you convey it that’s ten times more important.  And if you have a business that’s more modest, it’s the relationship that matters most.

You have to engage their talents, inspiration, and heart.

Which is exactly the gift that God gave us 2016 years ago today.  It took decades for the message to become clear, because God is infinitely patient.

So let’s spend some time in the new year working on how to help our employees, customers, partners and managers become so engaged that they care.

Really, passionately, lovingly care.

That’s capturing peoples’ hearts.