EmployeeYOU CAN TRY TO FIND GREAT PEOPLE for your jobs, or you can attract those who will really be energized to work in your business.

I’ve talked about this before.

The problem is that our standard approach to finding employees is to describe the technical skills that are needed, the great benefits package, and … that’s about it.  Potential employees really don’t know much about you and how you’re out to change the world.

You need to shift your thinking and change the messaging.

Since people have asked me what this actually looks like, I’d like to offer a couple of shortened examples which stand out from the crowd.


Beautiful Planet Cosmetics is changing the world through sustainably sourced, toxin-free makeup which is also incredibly beautiful.  Our customers are incredibly passionate about our products and this company that stands behind them.

We’re looking for that person who will help us connect with and serve our customers.  But don’t bother applying unless you’re as passionate about saving the environment as we are!


  • Honestly?  You’re going to learn on the job.  Certainly a background in consumer product sales and cosmetics will be a big plus, but more important is your passion to serve people and change the planet.
  • This job will require great attention to detail, because we never want to let our customers or partners down.


  • We offer reasonable commissions combined with a solid base.  You can make a great living while saving the planet!
  • Our benefits package is competitive, but the best benefit is to work with people who are as passionate about sustainability as you are!

This doesn’t feel like a standard job posting, right from the first word.  It’s conversational, using plain English phrases.  I also didn’t even mention some of the normal things, because that would distract from the core message.


ZooP isn’t your ordinary company, and we’re not looking for ordinary people.  ZooPers are creating software that makes your life a joy, from the ring on your finger to the Smart Doorknob® on your front door.

We’re looking for a full stack developer who loves solving tough challenges.  These are crazy products – fun, engaging, and a little weird.  It’s the same with our team, so you have enjoy living on the edge a bit.


  • Full Stack experience, PHP, JavaScript, databases … If you don’t have it already, then prove to us what a fast learner you are!  Because this is about staying ahead of the industry.
  • You’re going to be working with a team of 7 other weirdos who probably don’t understand what you’re doing either.  So you’d better be great at forming partnerships and resolving disagreements with a diverse team.
  • Tattoos and piercings aren’t exactly required, but for some reason we have a good assortment.  What will you bring to the party?


  • We don’t work 9 to 5, and in fact our current average is around 52 hours a week.  Only people who love their work are that crazy!
  • We’re a small but fast-growing startup, so pay is good but the benefits are still a work in progress.  Things are changing rapidly.  Are you OK with that?

This is a little more playful, but it still gives you a strong impression of how this company is different.  Probably a bit too different for my own tastes, but that’s OK.  We don’t want people applying who aren’t going to fit into this culture!

In both of these examples, I perhaps pushed beyond the limits that you feel comfortable with.  That’s absolutely fine; it’s what a coach does.  You get to make your own decisions.  But I’ve found it useful when clients try playing around with these concepts a bit.  It can expand your thinking so you can design job postings which attract some of the right people, and repel those who really won’t fit in.

This can radically change the kind of candidates you’re connecting with!

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