Jane_Northrup_use J ANE NORTHRUP IS MY INSPIRATION. Because she’s living an amazing story with clarity and conviction.

Jane started Authority Staffing last year, as a way to bring ex-convicts to full employment.  But that’s a tiny fraction of the story.

You see, she’s doing this because her deep Christian faith has given her concrete direction.  Even including the name of the company itself and the fact that it’s for-profit.

Why for-profit?  Because, as Jane notes, it totally changes the relationship with her clients who are hiring these employees.  They’re not hiring these people because it’s a “charity case,” but because they deliver solid value and great work.

Like any employee you’d want to hire, right?

Authority StaffingThese clients are getting great workers who are committed to rebuilding their damaged lives.  Which is where Jane’s deep dedication to each individual comes into play.

Her role is to teach, coach, guide, and support each employee to create their new life.  Reliable work is a primary route to end homelessness, create self-worth, and become independent.  So she guides each individual to not just getting a job, but developing a career through excellent, top notch work.

I get the sense that she often holds a more powerful vision of each person as an honored child of God than they do themselves.  We all need that kind of support at times.  If you’re just out of prison, it can literally save your life.

Today’s article in the Fort Collins Coloradoan does a decent job of describing how her business works from the outside.  But I find her interior spiritual journey much more fascinating.  And inspiring.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still waiting for my personal “text message from God” telling me what direction to take.  But Jane’s heard that kind of clarity, including “God told me that he doesn’t want his people living off the government.”

I’m blown away by that.  And it’s coming to fruition because she’s acting on it, devoting her life to making this difference in society.

So where is she taking this in the future?  She wants to spread this good news and powerful approach across the country.  In time, of course – right now the focus is on connecting great employees with the right employers.  But I’ve known Jane for several years now in different capacities, and I see a powerful drive and spiritual commitment to this mission.

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Do you have this kind of courage in YOUR marketing?