WHEN YOU communicate a set of values out to your customers, some of them will reject your message.  But then again, others will be attracted to it.

This WILL polarize your customer base.

But that shouldn’t scare you off, because this kind of thing happens all the time.  If I have a restaurant which targets the affluent, it’s going to turn off those people who are cheapskates like me.  But another restaurant which highlights affordable meals for the masses will be looked down upon by those who believe it’s beneath them.

Another example is automobiles.  Everybody has their own criteria for what they like, and they will tend toward one attribute over another: powerful/economical; flashy/conservative; foreign/domestic; and so on.

A car manufacturer can SAY that a vehicle is absolutely wonderful for everybody, but in fact they have to make tradeoffs.  That’s why there’s a range of (differently named!) makes, lots of options, and so on.  But despite that, I’m never even going to look at a Land Rover, because it’s just not my kind of vehicle.  Unless I’m looking to do an African safari.

Your company, whether you intend to or not, will attract some people and repel others.  The more emotional your message is, the more powerful the emotional response will be for your customers.

You know what?  That’s quite OK.

Your best customers are the ones who are passionate about you and your products.  They didn’t just happen to purchase it because it was a nickel cheaper the moment they saw it, but they really really like your message.

These people will help you find other great customers.  They’ll do your marketing for you.

Sure, some others will stumble across your product and decide to purchase.  You’re not going to turn them away.  But they’re not going to be very active as customers – they probably won’t come back and make many more purchases, and they won’t rave about you to their friends.  Go ahead and make your product more attractive to them, sure, but don’t do it at the expense of annoying your rabid fans.

If you have an emotional message, some will be repelled by it.  They may even bad-mouth you to others; you can’t control that.  But don’t let that distract you from keeping your best customers overjoyed about who you are.

You don’t really think you’re selling to seven billion people, do you?