BRIAN and PAM DAY are an amazing couple.  They’re bringing an approach which is helping people on their spiritual journeys.

I’ve known Pam for a long time as a friend and experienced and gracious coach.  I think I first met Brian at a Christmas party a decade ago, but it’s hard to remember exactly when.

23rhfbrf.jpg Pam and Brian DayI’ve been following their journey, which has taken them to the ends of the earth, literally and spiritually.

It’s exciting to see their vision forming right before my eyes.  Is it a ministry?  A business?  A lifestyle?  A mission?  Well, any and all of those.

They’re intentionally NOT driving this too hard, leaving room for the Spirit to gently guide them to their calling.

Before releasing a new album in April, they went on a 5,000 mile performance tour across the country.  Their concerts combine stories and music to achieve a unique level of authenticity, impact, and thoughtful entertainment.

Now, usually you’d think of a concert in terms of an entertainer breezing into town, giving you a couple of hours of their talent, and that’s it.  So it was fascinating to me to see them designing something new.  It may end up looking like coming into a spiritual community, giving a performance, then helping those people for the next week through prayer, coaching, counseling, and personal help.

This is something which is so necessary in our times, because people are more disconnected and isolated than ever.  Despite all our electronic communication, peoples’ close trusting relationships have suffered in recent generations.  Most feel almost entirely devoid of the kind of familial and community support that would have been normal a century ago.

Pam and Brian’s vision is to share God’s hope and unconditional love, to help people live freely in His grace. They’ll do this by using their talents, training, being present, and by trusting Him.

Will it take form as house concerts?  Traveling troubadours?  Even modeling the apostles’ evangelization in the early days of Christianity?

Remember, they’re still in the formative stages – so it’s not clear.  They’re passionate and aligned around the vision, but the plan is still quite fluid.

Intentionally.  The Spirit will guide them.

And this vision really is just for the next few years.  When I asked them about where they’re going to be in 10 or 20 years, they’re leaving it wide open.  It’s truly in God’s hands.