2020 was so sad because of limitations on physical gatherings. I know many organizations which have cancelled holiday parties and celebrations as a result.

It’s the wrong way to think about it.

Sure, you can’t do what you’ve traditionally done, and it’s disappointing. But the real question is: what can you do with available resources?

Your budget may be destroyed this year. You may not be able to get your team together at all.

But it’s still important to recognize key contributions and milestones. Even if it was just that you’ve been able to survive 2020 – that’s quite an accomplishment in itself.

So recognize those who have hung in there with you. Perhaps not with gifts or parties, but a sincere thank-you goes so much further.

While you’re at it, appreciate all the hard work YOU’VE put into this year. Because you need an emotional pick-me-up as well, right?

It matters.