You might think that today’s message is about reflecting on the year’s goals, and progress made. With what this year has thrown at us, I doubt that ANY of us are on progress with what we were thinking at the beginning of the year.

Either way ahead or way behind, perhaps out of business entirely.

In my case, I experienced a massive “pivot” this year, delivering a lot of services producing amazing Zoom events for clients. It’s been fun, but certainly not my business plan.

So this year really isn’t about sticking to plans. Perhaps next year won’t be either; nobody knows.

Instead, it’s about a deeper dive into what we’re really trying to achieve:

  • How much would I like to change my core purpose – personally, and for the organization I lead?
  • What paths have been blocked in the last year?
  • What new paths have opened up?
  • Am I okay with living in this time of great unknown?
  • Have I done my best to prepare my people for it too?

It’s time for some deeper thinking, folks, so let’s spend a bit more time on it.