Nothing seems to be clearly black and white anymore. Everything mushes into a vague shade of gray.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can make things more clear – especially for the team you work with.

It’s about building on what IS clear.

If you’re building a house, it’s very helpful to to start with a solid foundation, even drilling down to bedrock if needed. This is what keeps your house from being whipped around by the weather.

So for yourself, ask:

  • What is absolutely non-negotiable?
  • What do I choose as the stable foundation of my life?

And for your business, ask:

  • What is absolutely non-negotiable?
  • What do we choose as the stable foundation of our business?

These are your bedrock, your unshakable foundation. But how do you bring them to life – not just idealistic sayings up on the wall?

Through each and every decision you make. You and your people.

If you’re committed to honest and fair dealings with every customer, then I expect you to struggle with it. There will be situations where you feel like you have to sacrifice.

But if it’s bedrock, go ahead and make the sacrifice. Struggle with the tradeoff and conflict.

You’ll be leading an organization which stands on your core principles.