How single-minded are you? How focused is your business?

I view this attribute as a continuum, ranging from spineless to monomaniacal. But I’m liking the concept of being fierce, because it combines elements of focus, intensity, and persistence.

So what does it mean to be fierce in your leadership?

First, it’s about knowing your objective: what you’re going after, and why. And it doesn’t have to be a goal to be mean or to take advantage of others. I’ve known people who have the fierce intent to always be kind and generous.

Second, it’s about not giving up when things get in your way. When one of my clients is having a crisis of confidence, I have to rely on my own fierceness of belief that we can find an answer. And that the client is perfectly capable, even when they’re having doubts.

Finally, it’s about keeping your focus over the long term. Having intensity for a short-term task is great – it helps you be productive. But if everything is important, then nobody knows how to focus on the critical things. The truly important things need to endure over the long haul.

It’s quite possible, and very useful, for each person in your company to have this kind of fierceness about the main focus of their job. But if there isn’t some kind of overall mission which pulls us together, we’ll forever be in conflict fighting for our different points of view. Each worker should think they’re a champion for their role and group, but with an understanding that we’re all working together toward the overall company goals. Compromise may be the best outcome for a conflict situation.

Are your people true champions for their role and the mission of the business? Are they fierce?