I would imagine that it’s always been this way, I suppose, but now it’s so much more obvious when people aren’t showing their company authentically in the world.

And consumers are getting really quite sophisticated in detecting fake messages.

Dealing with this is straightforward, but not easy.  It’s about:

  • Speaking honestly
  • Being consistent
  • Having the courage to stick with it

It’s not easy to have courage; I understand that. We all want to be liked.

But the fact is that you really want your message to be noticed by the people who WANT to care about it.

If you’re trying to reach great potential employees, then you actually DON’T want people to apply who aren’t a good fit. Wouldn’t it be great to put a powerful and specific job posting up which only attracted responses from the three most ideal people on the planet?

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that everybody has to sit up and take notice. Just the RIGHT people.

So have courage to say what’s honest and authentic.