How improbable is it that we’re here, that we have a wonderful existence with over 7 billion sharing a single planet?

Yet here we are.

In the Christian tradition, we believe that God, who exists outside time, created all this, and sustains it every instant. And we each play a vital role in making a loving and joyous existence.

You matter. I matter. Because we were each created with intention.

So the question at this time of fresh beginnings is … how are we to use this gift of life to make a difference in the world? As an individual, as groups, even as businesses?

I’m incredibly encouraged by the fact that this whole field of mission-driven, values-based businesses is taking off. And I’m so honored that God has put me in a place where I can make a difference to these people.

We have a lot of work to do. Businesses have been sucking the life out of people and the planet for centuries now, and we need to recapture the glory of what organizations can accomplish when they have a deeper purpose.

And it IS hard work. We’re bucking governments, societies, and the general culture that we’ve grown up with during our lifetimes.

But we need to do it. This is the mission we’re on, to create a culture where business is a powerful force for good, for healing, for accomplishing important things together.

I wish each of you a wonderful holiday, and powerful start to the fresh new year!

Many thanks to my Christmas card artwork created by the talented Chelsea Glanz of Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts!