STEVE MARSHALL BILLS HIMSELF as a “Transformation Enabler.”

At least that’s what it says on his business card.

What he really does is to work with  leaders on strategic planning, organizational development, managing change, and executive coaching.  It’s similar to my own coaching practice, but he tends to focus a bit more on larger companies and more complex organizations.

As you know, my website here is dedicated to business owners who are living in a different paradigm.  We’re making money, sure, but more importantly we’re improving the world through our work.

When I spoke with Steve recently, I came to understand his different worldview: generosity, thoughtfulness, and optimism.  He’s developed six questions which he finds helpful for achieving clarity in the workplace:

  1. Why Do We Exist?
  2. What Are Our Values?
  3. What Do We Do?
  4. How Will We Succeed?
  5. What is Most Important Right Now?
  6. Who Does What?

It’s an interesting exercise, yielding powerful answers using straightforward thinking.

Many consultants fall into the trap of using specialist language. Instead of “Why do we exist?”, it’s “What is our balanced value proposition?”  I can fall into that myself at times.

But simplicity is extremely powerful.  It not only represents thinking that we can relate to, but it makes it much easier to communicate.  That’s especially important when you’re a leader who’s pulling together a group of people around a common purpose.

Which is, of course, the definition of a leader.

But straightforward thinking isn’t surface thinking.  You’ll get a sense of this with some stories on Steve’s website and the articles he writes.  I find that this is his powerful “secret sauce” – getting to and resolving the important issues using clear thinking.

And a sense of humor and optimism.