YOU’D LIKE FOR THE WORLD to be a safe place. After all, you’ve put your heart and soul into your business, and it would be terrible to have it fall apart.

So you try to play it safe.

But there are different kinds of safety. You could run close to the edge on being legal – but if you step over that edge, the regulators will shut you down.  Permanently.

Or you could be on the edge of how you treat your partners and customers. They’ll tolerate it for a while, but then drop you in what feels like a random event. And without those people, your success drains away.

The place to be courageous is in your audacious message. You’re changing the world (even though you’re not sure of all the steps.) Your product is something special (even though 90% is quite similar to the competition.) Your employees are amazing (even though you know they’re scrambling behind the scenes sometimes.)

It’s not easy, and it doesn’t feel safe because you’re too close to the business.

You know what? People appreciate and are attracted to those who show courage. Sure, there’s some who are repelled by a message this clear. But they wouldn’t have been your ideal customers anyway.

You want to focus on attracting the ideal customers.

Then THEY will become your irresistible marketing force. There’s nothing more powerful than a passionate customer.