TO BE HONEST, I’m not a huge fan of industry conferences.  I’ve done a lot of them over the years, and often they give me negligible value.

There’s some that are different.

For instance, last year I went to the Small Giants Summit in Denver, and it was inspiring and intensely valuable.

What was different?

Well, it was real people talking about solutions to real issues, and everybody was being pretty open and honest.  It wasn’t about positioning how smart you are or what great products you have.  It was solid conversations with talented people.

That’s why I’m really looking forward to the fourth annual ICF Colorado Conference in November.  After outgrowing the fabulous Red Rocks venue, the experience has only grown in amazing speakers, powerful concepts, and valuable connections.

It’s really about sharpening the saw, and renewing my inspiration.  That inspiration is a funny thing, actually, because the logical side of my brain is telling me that I should be above that emotional stuff.

It turns out I’m human too, darn it.

I’ve already signed up for this year’s conference, getting the super-duper-early-bird-discount rate that expires in another week.  Because I’m frugal.

And I know this is going to be an amazing experience.

Want to join me?