quoteTHIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR when we talk about planning and goal-setting.

Which is a wonderful thing.

But we have to recognize that longing for a better future and even planning for it is not what creates it.  At the end of the day, it’s about action.

I’m speaking to myself here too, because I tend to over-analyze things and use planning as a way to feel like I’m making progress when I’m actually not.  My brain congratulates me for creating such excellent stuff in my head, and reduces the pressure to go out and actually do it.

Because action entails risk.  You might mess up.  The world might not respond the way you’d like.  People might look at you funny.

Even this blog is a good example.  It’s an excellent way for an introvert to hide out behind the keyboard.  But the world isn’t changed until someone reads it.  And is impacted by the message.

So plans are good.  Communication is good.  But let’s all strive to actually make the world a better place.

Which takes action.

That’s what my coach helps me with.  Who can you call on to support moving from good intentions to amazing actions?