Image: Luz Adriana Villa

Image: Luz Adriana Villa

CHRIST IS RISEN!  Let us rejoice!

Why’s that important?

Because we’re talking about something much, much bigger than one person’s life.  This is about the course of humanity.

To bring all of us into God’s presence, for all eternity.

This is an amazing gift we’ve been given: individually and collectively.  All mankind, past and present.

While I stand in awe of the empty tomb, I ponder what it will be like to be united as one after my days here are done.

In a way, it can make my work here seem trivial and even pitiful.  So it’s a wonderful thing that God also recognizes even the smallest acts, the most undervalued roles in society.

It’s about making a difference even in the tiniest corner of the world.  When I can help one client to bring light in the world, when I help one company to be a better place to work, when this results in one customer being happier … then it’s important in the eyes of my Lord.

I wish each of you a thoughtful, rejuvenating day.  And year.  And life.

It matters.