TODAY IS THE Procession des saints de Bretagne - diocèse de Vannes, cathédrFEAST OF ALL SAINTS in the Catholic faith.  It’s a remembrance not only of named and recognized saints, but all who have achieved eternal life – whether we know them or not.

It’s a great time to ponder the ultimate purpose of what we’re doing here.

If the goal of life is to maximize fun and achievement while we’re alive, then that means that business is just a tool for achieving and enjoyment.

Which is extremely short-sighted and self-centered when we look at eternity.

But how do we avoid feeling absolutely insignificant and meaningless in our life and work?  It’s a great question, and one which those far smarter than me have pondered for all of history.

I find comfort in the perspective that my life has meaning when I can help others to have better lives – both here and now, and in the future.

Which is actually why I got into the field of coaching.  Not only have I been given some skill and passion for the area, but it directly helps my clients and the lives of those they lead.

I’ve actually seen evidence of this, which is one of the reasons I have hope.

I had the opportunity to work with a client who had about 15 employees.  I worked with them for about a year, and helped them improve their business and leadership.  When I had a chance to meet with some of those employees near the end of the year in an informal setting, I could see how much more they valued their work and were inspired by the organization.

But usually I just have to take it on faith – I’ll never know who I might have impacted.

In your business or organization or wherever you demonstrate leadership, you have the same opportunity.  Certainly you can improve the lives of those you interact with directly.  But by doing so, you will impact their families and others they touch.  Now and in the future.

For me, that’s an inspiring legacy.  Perhaps unrecognized by man, but that’s OK.  I have faith that there’s a much bigger picture than we can possibly imagine.