MY How to hear godSPIRITUAL LIFE can feel a bit dry at times.  I know this happens to most people, and it seems to be a part of the human experience that God needs us to learn from.

This time, I decided to try something new.  I’m reading a new book called How to Hear God by Lynne Lee.  It’s a challenge for me, so I’m taking it slowly, pondering and praying as I go along.

After reading the chapter on journaling, I decided to finally give it a try.  I know many coaches who use journaling as a fundamental tool with their clients and themselves, but it never really did much for me.

Which is kind of weird, given how much writing I’m doing.

What I’m doing with this new tool is to capture what I’m hearing from other people, from my intuition, and from my prayers.  It seems that God has always spoken to me through the wonderful conversations I have, from which I often get powerful insights.  So my idea is to write down what seems to have depth and power for me.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks.  So how’s it going?

Well, I’d like to journal daily, but I’m finding it hard to prod myself to do that.  It’s almost as if I’m searching for messages which are too large – I’m looking for blinking lights and an arrow saying, “pay attention to this!”

And the insights and ideas I’ve captured are interesting, but not stunning.  I know that God probably doesn’t speak to me that way; I’ve never had the big life-changing mountaintop experience.

So my lesson today is to be more modest and thoughtful – to listen more.  To observe carefully.

And to spend more time prayerfully reading the Bible.