GOALS AND VALUES can be tough to deal with.  Their very nature makes them hard or impossible to attain, especially on a consistent basis.  And when you have idealistic values as the foundation of your business, it’s possible to feel that your foundation is shaken when you’re unable to hit those high ideals.

For whatever reason, we humans tend to focus on failure more than success.  And we tend to be most critical of ourselves.

I was pondering this morning how close we are to eradicating Polio from the planet.  It’s an astounding goal, actually, because we rarely get to declare a 100% victory on anything.  We did it for Smallpox, and now Polio seems achievable in the coming decade.

The problem with such a lofty goal is that it’s so incredibly hard to achieve, and so easy to lose momentum on.  There have been recent outbreaks connected with those who are fleeing persecution in Syria, and recent opposition to Polio immunization efforts in Pakistan.

But the point is not that we’re losing ground in this life-saving battle.  Yes, there’s setbacks.  But the point is that anything which is truly important will be hard, hard work.  If there weren’t setbacks and challenges, it wouldn’t be hard.

Your task as a leader is to continue to shine light on what’s important, and why.

Without faltering.

Despite the ups and downs.

Remember that your achievement of the goal doesn’t change why it’s important.  Your setbacks and obstacles don’t diminish the WHY.

Victories come and go.  You’ll learn new things, some of which will make your life easier and some harder.  What’s important is to keep focused on the goal, on your foundation of values.

I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2014.  Let us prepare for the next step of making a difference in the world!