You might think that all the conversation about DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is just a passing fad. But it’s really about creating a much healthier organization, and improving your business results.

Including increased revenue and decreased costs.

How does this work?

Well, applying DEI concepts to your employees helps to attract and retain some of the best people. It also increases the quality of teamwork, by creating a place where each person can bring their best.

And trust that they’re not going to get dinged for doing that.

On the customer side, it’s about forming deeper relationships with your existing customers, and attracting whole new markets. Which is something that pretty much all of us want.

I’m on a journey to learn how to apply DEI concepts in the best way, as many of us are. While it’s based on solid research and proven management techniques, it’s still pretty new to many of us.

I learned about this – the hard way – when I was forming a new team back in the 1990s. It was a remarkably multi-cultural team, growing to 50 people representing 17 countries of origin. Not to mention that we were in close teamwork with people in other cultures around the globe.

What did I learn?

  • Every person is an individual.
  • Having an understanding of each person’s background is useful, but more important is that you don’t stereotype people into broad gender, race, or job background categories.
  • It’s always surprising, so it’s about being open to learning new things.
  • You’ll make mistakes. The important thing is how you recover with humility and compassion.

Guess what? All of these concepts apply to managing people in general. So it’s about being attentive, and open, to what’s going on in society.

Believe me, this is a positive path we’re on.