A lot of us want to improve the state of where we live. It’s a way to make life worth living, and attract great employees, customers, and partners. Which is all fantastic.

But community isn’t limited to your city or town.

I’ve learned that you can think of many kinds of groups as “community”, something worth nurturing and supporting. Some powerful examples:

  • Teams that work together
  • Groups at church, school, or athletics
  • Your friends
  • Groups with a common interest

So what would make any group of people a “community”? It comes down to sharing common goals and valuing that the relationships should continue. Each person may care about the other individually, but they also care about everyone as a group and progress in a direction. Even if the direction is simply having fun.

Quite simply, it’s thinking about relationships in more of a group setting.

During the pandemic it’s become clear that communities don’t have to be physically co-located. Yes, it can be easier to form relationships when you’re meeting face to face and sharing a meal. Humans are like that.

But even more communities form because of shared interests. And now that the world is available to you right in your pocket, we can become close to people we’ve never physically met.

These communities are worth nurturing as well.

Humans are social creatures, and this is an important part of what makes life worth living. They will help you get through the difficult times.