For some of us, things are slowing down. For others, it’s a crazy time of year. Hopefully you’ll have a chance for things to settle, perhaps in January or after April 15th or during next summer.

The point is that we all need a break from the intensity of work.

And not just the weekends. Those are very necessary and vital, but aren’t sufficient. What we need is the chance to REALLY check out of our work. For a week or two or three.

So let’s build that into our plans! Especially if you’re the boss, you need to manage the energy of the individuals and teams which work for you. After all, that’s where your value really comes from.

You need your people at their best. Enthused. Engaged. Productive.

Each person might need a different kind of break, so ask them. One week? Two? Three? All together or at different times?

But please, please, let these wonderful people truly escape the intensity of their work. And welcome them back all rejuvenated and ready to jump in!