This last year has worn us out. Sure, we can blame Zoom Fatigue – which is a real thing – but the honest truth is that we’ve an intense period of uncertainty, fear, instability, and even boredom.

But this is going to continue, and we wonder if we’ll ever experience “normal” as we had it a couple of years ago. I suspect not.

So how do we keep our energy up?

I was talking with a friend about this recently, and he admitted that he likes to have a bit of alcohol before bedtime to help calm his nerves. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but it also means that he’s having problems controlling his weight.

I can relate.

So we started brainstorming around what other kinds of things might help him to freshen his spirits. It’s staying light longer and the weather’s getting warmer, so an evening activity such as walking or riding is quite possible.

Some folks like getting up early and doing meditation or physical activity. It doesn’t work for him, but that’s fine.

Others feel the need to “get away” during the day – going for coffee, having lunch, or something like that. This is something we might be missing if we’re working from home every day.

But breaks don’t have to be physical; they might be mental or spiritual. Reading a book, listening or playing music, prayer, things like that.

There are lots of options, and the best ones are those which inspire and refresh you, and bring you joy. Alone or in a group, active or passive, ritualized or highly flexible – whatever works for you.

It’s OK to need to be re-freshed!