We’re always focused on limits. They provide comfort and security, in a way, because they clearly identify how much achievement is enough.

When somebody says, “give it 110%!”, it’s really just a gentle nudging outside the comfort zone. But that’s not where true breakthroughs come from!

Breakthroughs are 200%. Or 1000%. Or entirely changing the rules of the game.

If we think about the invention of the lightbulb, we might focus on how it was so much better than candles or oil lamps or gas lighting. And it certainly was much better in a number of ways.

But when we look at just that, we’re missing the big picture. The lightbulb entirely changed society, affecting every person.

It was a powerful part of bringing energy into the home.

Lighting became instant-on.

Peoples’ lives, and businesses, extended past dark.

It created several whole new industries.

It’s the reason we can safely travel at night.

Did the inventors foresee all that? Maybe somewhat, but not completely. Who would have thought that an improvement in lighting technology would entirely redesign society?

I myself was involved in the creation and expansion of the internet, and I remember what we were thinking back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. There’s no way that we could have seen how our society would be changing, now and in the future.

The future is still being written. (Doc Brown)

How will your contributions bring about lasting beneficial change to our world?