It’s defined by what others think about you.

Isn’t that frustrating?  Here you’re spending all this effort and money to create a strong brand image.  Does it matter at all?

Yes, but not the way you’d like it to.

Your work at developing your identity and reputation is about how you want your organization to behave.  You see, every touchpoint makes up what the market thinks about you.

  • Every interaction.
  • Every product.
  • Every way the product is delivered.
  • Everything you say – written, verbal, and nonverbal.

By the way, this also includes the things you don’t control.  When the cashier at the store makes a snide comment to a customer about your product, that’s affecting your brand image.

Fortunately, you also get extra points when that cashier gushes about how great your product is.

So your marketing plan is really about … clarity, consistency, and authenticity.

When your messages and touchpoints remain constant over many years, you’re strengthening your image.  When I see you behave the same in ads, customer service, reviews and articles, you’re creating the kind of alignment which makes a difference.

So what’s the trick?

  • Ground it on your enduring values.
  • Make it straightforward.
  • Align every part of your business and delivery chain.
  • Make strategic choices which are consistent.
  • Keep it solid for a long time.

Hey, that’s called creating a strategy!