WHAT A TIME of celebration and relaxation!  People around here are definitely getting into the summer mode, and appreciating the Independence Day holiday with family and friends.  I sure am.

It makes me think about the deeper values of this country.

We have a lot of history and passion around the USA, of course, and a tremendous number of stories of why the country was founded.  But here’s the challenging question:  Are we really living out those values?

Or are we stuck in the day-to-day busy-ness of work, TV, running around, and wasting time on Facebook?

This is the challenge I’m giving myself:

  • How often do I take seriously my role as an informed voter?
  • Am I adding value to the community and state where I live?
  • Am I becoming a better global citizen too?

We’d like to think that we can each go through life just striving for our own liberty and happiness.  But we each also take on the role of being part of society, supporting each other, and leaving this a better place.

It’s not easy to do that!