I am looking for people who have an interest and passion for values-based businesses.  I’m looking to broaden the contribution.

Why would I do this, when I’ve been so protective of the messaging and concepts?  Well, I’m realizing that there are a whole bunch of people out there who are passionate about the topic.  I don’t feel alone like I did when I started this.

Plus, you’ll see mostly profiles of businesses which are local to northern Colorado, because I’ve focused so much on doing this through personal connections.  This could have a much greater impact on the world if I could expand the geographic reach and increase the diversity of viewpoints.

If you’re a business coach, or someone else who has a passion to explore this area, I’d like to connect with you.  I don’t have an interest in money changing hands either direction, but by being a contributor to this blog, you could build your reputation in this area which seems to be rapidly growing.  I’d let you link back to your own website and we can put together an “About this contributor” page.  But this isn’t primarily a promotional (“buy this now!!!!!”) vehicle – it’s intended to be a place where people can learn and explore interesting ideas.

These are the benefits I’ve gained from doing this blog for the last year:

  • It adds something fresh and interesting to my normal messaging.
  • It’s given me an opportunity to explore the intersection between my coaching business and my own Christianity.
  • I learn something new every time I interview someone.
  • These people are my ideal clients, because I’d love to coach them.  And I’ve not yet had anybody decline to be interviewed, although there are a number of people I haven’t yet successfully reached.

If you’d like to consider contributing, please drop me an email.

Thank you!
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