Timnath Beerwerks is a fabulous little neighborhood taproom in the center of rapidly-growing Timnath Colorado. I had a chance to chat recently with Val Miller, general manager of this business which has been open since 2018.

Val Miller, Timnath Beerwerks

That’s the year when several owners came together to move into the eastern portion of the former Colorado Feed & Grain location. The building is now home to several hometown businesses, bringing a powerful vitality to Timnath.

The town itself is undergoing explosive growth, over 500% in the last decade. In various years it’s been the fastest growing town in Colorado.

Timnath Beerwerks is known as one of the most generous and supportive breweries in an area with an abundance of alternatives. But their generosity isn’t a marketing ploy to stand out from their competition.

It’s the core philosophy of their company. They’re constantly on the lookout for places they can support, because they want this to be an integral part of the northern Colorado community.

Those causes range from a benefit for Adoption Dreams Come True, to animal adoption events with All Aboard Animal Rescue and Bounce Animal Rescue, to a fundraising partnership with the local Rotary Club. They provide long-lasting support of Childsafe, and recently hosted a blood drive for people who are nervous to donate at the hospital.

As Val said, “For us, it’s to help put THEM on the map.” Not self-promotion.

I asked about this relates to their business plan, and was told that “our business plan is how we support our community.” It’s a core part of regular staff meetings and monthly owner decisions.

Owners Craig, Mike, Pete, Cy
Owners Craig, Mike, Pete, Cy

As proof of this, they even track business metrics which directly indicate how they’ve integrated and given back to the community.

I’m not surprised to see that the business benefits from this investment in building solid relationships. They’ve been on non-profit boards, and employees regularly donate time or resources at local charities.

The payoff? They love what they do, and they’ve built a loyal base of customers, employees and partners. As a result, the company is self-sustaining.

And, even more importantly, an animal-friendly location which is loved by the community.

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